There are many reasons why you might want your property deeply sanitized. The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is just one of them. If this is your first time having your property completely sanitized, there are some important things you should know. Scroll down and keep reading to find answers to three frequently asked questions.

How Long It Will Take

The time it will take for your property to be properly sanitized will vary, but an average house (3-bedroom, 2 bath) normally will take about 1-2 hours. An average office space (1500 square feet) will also take about 1-2 hours. Although sanitation procedures will vary depending on the professional company you use, it’s a good idea to stay away from your property about one or two hours after it has been sanitized. This will allow all surfaces to dry and prevent you from interacting with any potentially dangerous chemicals.

The Chemicals

Most disinfection services use chemicals registered with the EPA. These chemicals will be industrial strength chemicals that are not available at your local supermarket. Because these chemicals will be highly strong, it is important to ensure adequate ventilation on your property in order to reduce fumes.  Some cleaners carry NFPA 704 labels that should be noted. These labels are an indication of the level of chemical hazard in a certain chemical. These labels will be shaped like a diamond and indicate the levels of health hazard, flammability, reactivity, and special precautions that you should be aware of with a certain chemical. These levels range from 0 to 4; the higher the numbers on these labels, the higher the risk.

How Does it Work?

When disinfecting spaces against the spread of COVID-19, most professional sanitation companies follow a similar process. The cleaners will probably wear special suits and masks which will protect them from any harmful germs. Next, the cleaners will spray surface areas with virucide. The chemicals in virucide will remain on the surfaces for a specific “dwell time”—the amount of time needed for the disinfectant to kill the virus. Lastly, the cleaners will use electrostatic spray or a fogger to disinfect hard-to-reach surfaces and crevices. It’s a good idea to use a cleaner who uses the disinfectants and protocols recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Educating yourself about the process of sanitation for your property will help you know what to expect and experience greater peace of mind. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to your sanitation company for answers.
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